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Expectations vs. Reality in the Discipleship Program

Written by Carrie Nehmer


Excitement doesn’t begin to describe how I felt when I was first asked to be a

discipler. I imagined two ladies, studying their Bible’s over steaming cups of coffee while

scented candles flickered nearby.  I imagined deep, emotional conversations where I

shared all of my profound knowledge with a younger sister in Christ.

      The reality of being a discipler was much different than what I had imagined. 

Picture two ladies trying to go through a discipleship lesson together, while also having

to break up a sibling squabble, or quiet a fussy baby.  Instead of flickering, scented

candles, you might find overflowing laundry baskets stacked in a corner or a sink filled

with dirty dishes. Those deep conversations that I was ready to spill my knowledge into

were replaced with, “Um…I don’t know the answer to that question.  Let me get back to

you on that!” 

      Being a discipler is not everything I imagined it would be, it became so much more!

 It taught me that anything good I had to contribute was not because of my own

knowledge, and EVERYTHING to do with God’s Word.  Not only am I teaching from a

discipleship book, but I’m teaching by my example and I’ve learned the importance of

being faithful to God in all areas of my life.

      There is nothing better than when the Spirit moves into a lesson and speaks to you

as you are studying with your disciple, or when you see your disciple understand

something that they had struggled with before.  Watching your disciple make and reach

goals while growing in Christ makes all the failed expectations worth-while!

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